Dry Cure Bacon Middle Special 2 x 400g


Holly Bacon’s dry cure methods have been perfected by the Vogtherr family over more than 100 years. They settled Hawkes Bay in 1914 and our daughters are now part of the 5th generation to continously product delicious traditional recipe dry cure Holly bacon, ham and specialty meats.

While other bacons boil and stay soggy when cooked, because Holly Bacon is dry cured then air dried to remove any moisture that has been added as a result of the brining process, it is guaranteed to cook crisply and ensures you have an amazing eating experience, everytime.

Our traditional family recipe ensures a realĀ  bacon flavour experience and guaranteesĀ  that our bacon cooks crisply and is deliciously tasty everytime.


Product Description

Cook Holly Dry Cure Bacon in a heated frypan for the best result bacon and egg meal, or try some of these recipesĀ  to make your weekly menu easy and tasty:

Bacon, Kumara and Orange Salad

Risotto with Bacon and Seasonal Vegetables

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Breasts


Or try our Nitrite Free bacon


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