Holly Bacon Pieces

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Bacon Risotto with Seasonal Vegetables


Dry cured to cook crisply and to taste the way bacon always used to taste. Delicious, and moorish, once a convert, nothing else tastes as good.


Product Description

Using only 100% New Zealand Pig Care certified Pork.

200g packs of bacon pieces that have been pre trimmed of any excess fat and skin, these bacon pieces are 100% useable.

Simply run the knife through them to cut to the desired size and add to pies, casseroles, or fry to crispy and add to pasta dishes or sprinkle over vegetables or salads to add tasty, tasty flavour.

1 review for Holly Bacon Pieces

  1. Angela McDowell

    Delicious flavour – great morsels perfect for making quick pasta dishes and broccoli salad!

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