Holly Pork Rack


Pork rack 8 rib with scored skin, roasted whole then carved, this is the ultimately stylish pork roast.

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Product Description

Using only 100% New Zealand Pig Care certified Pork.

A pork rack, think rack of lamb with crackling.
8 ribs, this can be roasted whole, or you can cut in half and freeze half for use later on. Alternatively, the chops can be separated and cooked individually, but truly, the greatest effect os when this cut is cooked whole. So impressive and delicious, the crown of pork roasts.

Cut from only female pigs, our pork is moist and tender either bone in or boneless options. Skin scored for tasty crackling, try Craggy Range’s Terroir Restaurant Cuisine runner up restaurant of the year signature dish, Holly Pork rack next time you want to impress.

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