The Holly Bacon Story

Holly Bacon Company, a family business begun in 1914 by Carl Vogtherr and continued today by his great-grandaughter Claire. Still using the same hand made brines, natural wood smoking and drying processes that combine to make Holly Bacon cook crisply, and taste the way you rememberĀ bacon used to.

Sugar cured Holly Ham for special occasions, or stunning summer salads. Also a range of specialty meats, prosciotto, smoked chicken, beef, lamb, gammon, real pork sausages, pork and ham shanks that haveĀ our clients returning for more.

Carl Vogtherr Ernest Vogtherr Gordon Vogtherr

Carl Vogtherr commenced business at Stortford Lodge, Hastings, New Zealand in 1914. He opened the ‘Elite’ Bacon factory, petrol station, fruit cool store and ice factory. A delicatessen was opened in Heretaunga Street, near the Grand Hotel on the day World War 1 broke out on August 4, 1914. This business continued till November 1938.

In 1937 Ernest Vogtherr ( son of Carl ) returned to Hastings in 1937 to establish the Hastings Bacon Company, in Karamu road next the Public Trust Office.

The Holly bacon curing tradition was carried on to new premises in 1962, when Holly Bacon moved to its current location on the corner of St Aubyn Street East and Warren Street, Hastings, New Zealand.

Gordon Vogtherr joined his father (Ernest) in 1942 . 40 years later in 1982 Gordon’s daughter Claire Vogtherr joined the firm , which she now runs.

The Holly Bacon company has Holly bacon , sugar cured Holly Ham for special occasions , or stunning summer salads. Also a range of speciality meats, prosciutto, smoked chicken , pastrami , lamb rumps , gammon , real pork sausages, pork cuts and roasts, salami and ham shanks that have all our clients returning for more.

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